Design Service

To get the best results you need to start the right way, having a design researched and completed by a qualified Irrigation Designer will jumpstart your irrigation project.

Each design is unique and works within the framework of the water and land use consents, irrigation NZ guidelines for irrigation best practice, Irrigation efficiencies and the clients budget. Another major component of the design is collecting information, data and local knowledge and this is where the client/farmer is invaluable.

But probably the most important thing is understanding what the client/farmer actually wants, both now and in the future and working together to achieve that outcome.
So whether you are looking for clever design, innovation and using the latest in technological advancements or a tried and true irrigation system with room for future upgrades.

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Qualified Irrigation Designer

Designed & Researched by an expert in Irrigation.

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Local Knowledge

Using local knowledge and irrigation guidelines.

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Unique Design

Works within the framework of the water & land.

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Now & Future

Understanding the needs of the farmer for now and the future.

Specialised in

Fixed grid and solid set irrigation.

Aftermarket pivots, two styles - for replacement or re-piping


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