Experts in Irrigation

Jumpstart your irrigation project with expert advice and local knowledge from a qualified irrigation designer.

Experts In Irrigation

20 Years

New Zealand is a great place to live and farm. We are blessed with an abundance of water and irrigation will be a major part of how we produce food and products into the future.

Irrigation is constantly evolving as new developments and innovations continue to push the boundaries of better water efficiency, higher uniformity, better control and greater visibility.

We endeavour to design and recommend systems that are great today and are future proofed for tomorrow.

You can have an irrigation system that is environmentally responsible, tailored to your farm, orchard or park and is efficient in the use of both water and power.

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Allows Land Diversiry
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Ease Climate Stress

Irrigation Services

Design & Independent Assessment

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Design Service

To get the best results you need to start the right way, having a design researched and completed by a qualified Irrigation Designer will jumpstart your irrigation project.

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Independent Irrigation Assessment

Catch small problems before they become major problems and keep on top of your irrigation compliance, distribution uniformity and overall efficiency.

Specialised in
fixed grid & solid set irrigation


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About Irrigation

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